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Over the course of several years, I have received acupuncture treatment from several practitioners but Dr. Baboujian is one of the very best.  Thoughtful and considerate, he includes a holistic approach in any treatment regime.  His comprehensive approach has resulted in the successful treatment of several health issues.  I highly recommend him.


- Jane L.

First of all Shant is incredibly kind, calm and patient focused. I thought something terrible has happened to my back. I was unable to stand up when we started, and could do so at the end of the treatment. He also did a test for a slipped disc which put my mind at ease when he let me know it was just a muscle and I'll be better soon. Acupuncture is real (this was my first time) and Shant is the real deal.


- Hannah T.

This guy is amazing. I was referred here by my friend who told me this guy is legit. I walk in to his humble back-door little office and tell him my shoulder hurts, he sticks some pins in my ankle and the pain was INSTANTLY GONE! Then the guy says, "what else do you need help with?" 


Try Shant. He's awesome at acupuncture.


- Lauren S.

I highly recommend Shant Baboujian for acupuncture.  I had intense pain from a shingles outbreak and I went to Shant. He was caring and listened to my complaints and explained every thing to me before he needled me.  I am a retired nurse and i greatly appreciated the care and concern for my well being during the process. I highly recommend this young man for any of your acupuncture needs.


- Kathy K.

Shant treated me for neck pain and with just two needles, I was pain free. He is not only an effective practitioner, but he also genuinely cares for his patients. He is very knowledgeable in his field and can help optimize health through lifestyle and dietary modifications. Highly recommend!


- Jonathan C

My doctor asked me if I wanted to see the surgeon or go to acupuncture for my sciatica. Acupuncture saved me!

I have been able to remain physically active & mentally healthy.

I always have a good experience & feel better after every treatment.



- Haven W.

I highly recommend Baboujian Acupuncture for therapeutic intervention. Dr. Shant has helped me tremendously with pain relief, and low back pain. I can't thank Dr. Shant for all of his tremendous knowledge and exceptional care he GIVES to his clients. I am taking herbs that he suggested as well and have received wonderful changes i my health. Please don't overlook Baboujian Acupuncture for your acupuncture needs.


- Lori L

I was introduced to Acupuncture and I'm very happy with the results.  The care that Shant takes is amazing and is able to resolve pain concerns. Shant gets two thumbs up for his care and well-being of his patients.


- Wayne Z.

I was so lucky to get to get my treatment by Dr. Shant Baboujian! He is amazing, he was so kind and friendly and he had a way of making me feel comfortable even when I was anxious about things going on in my life or getting the acupuncture needles in my body. He even got me to laugh several times which is something you don't think of when getting needles placed in your head or toes LOL.  I initially went to see him for bells palsy and I can honestly say that his treatments of acupuncture helped me so much, I definitely see improvement since getting his help! So if you need to find a fantastic acupuncturist ask for Dr. Shant! 



- Lisa T.

I cannot speak highly enough about Shant!

Not only is he a talented acupuncturist, but a wonderful listener and healer. 


I have been an ongoing patient as He has helped me with everything.

From my chronic digestive issues, 

back my anxiety and stress, you name it! 

His approach is very gentle and is so knowledgeable and leaves me feeling great. 


Not once have a left a treatment without feeling a sense of relief. 

If you haven't tried acupuncture, you need to see shant,

I wouldn't go anywhere or trust anyone else.


- Jenna H.

I come to see Dr Baboujian and Dr Han for instant relief for my headaches and sciatic pains. Very hospitable and friendly folks who know what they are doing.


- Ernestine E.                

Shant is hands down the best acupuncturist out there! He's very knowledgeable and knows what he's doing! He listened to ever concern I had when it came to acupuncture and made me feel right at home!


- Lorran W.

Shant is a different breed of people. So caring and really does his job for passion. It's not only healing for the body to come here but also for the mind. The ambiance is perfect and I really felt comfortable from the get go.


- Reza N.

I just enrolled my second package, I come in here once every 3 weeks for a tune-up. Shant is very knowledgeable and helps me to understand why the acupuncture and herbs make me feel more energetic, mentally clear, and in a good mood.


- Robert H.

Shant was my acupuncturist for almost a year, and was the most caring, concerned healer I've ever worked with as an acupuncturist.  Anyone who receives acupuncture from him is fortunate indeed.  He is the best!!!  A very sweet, thorough, caring human being.  A true gifted healer.


- Corrine P.

Only the best place to get treated! Very professional and knows what he's doing!! I wouldn't  go any where else!!!

 - Pat G.

Had a wonderful session with Shant. He was very professional, patient and informative. I was very impressed with his ability to simplify some of the complex Chinese medicine practices to a level where I was able to comprehend and benefit me long after the treatment session. Thank you Shant, keep up the great work.


- Kat P.

Still 5 stars. I like the fact that Shant really cares about his patients recovery. I have scar tissue that is a result from a recent surgery, and that he is treating and is helping dissolving the scar tissue so that I can have a more active lifestyle. If I had three thumbs he would get a three of them up.  Great job keep up the good work.


- Wayne Z.

When Covid first hit my Acupunturist quit! So I asked for a referral. I went to Dr Han, and got her Intern Shant. I was very nervous, but he made me feel real comfortable! They are very clean!

Can't Even tell You how Happy I am to Find Him. Between car accident, and a Bad fall down my stairs, surgery,  I walk around in A Lot of Pain! Shant has taken my pain level from a 9 to about a 3 with sometimes,No pain. This is a Miracle for Me! My Pain Dr had me on 150mg of Oxycotin 3 times a day for 12 yrs!! Took a year to get off, thank you Kaiser! Then it was how to deal with all that pain! Acupunture had helped some before, but Shant does the Balance method, very different! And Very effective!! I Highly recommend Shant!! He has made a Big difference in my Life!


- Ernestine E.

Shant is awesome! A couple of months ago, I dislocated my shoulder for the second time in my life. I remember how painful and achy it was during the first accident. After the second time, I read that the pain is supposed to be worse and it would take longer to heal. I quickly stocked up on joint supporting vitamins and booked appointments with Shant. After 10 days, I could use my arm again. Two months later, I am now rock climbing again! 

I am not saying acupuncture is magic, but it sure helped a ton with managing my pains and aches during my recovery process! Not to mention, Shant is very outgoing, knowledgable, and helpful. I still regularly go to deal with any aches or stress I am having. Some needles, and a nice nap and I wake up feeling so much better! I highly recommend Shant for anyone looking for to get acupuncture.


- Emmy S.

An Improved Quality of life is Priceless!


I returned to Southern California after a year of studying abroad in Britain to visit with my dysfunctional family. As you are probably aware, being raised in a dysfunctional family is not conducive to a healthy life... I suffered from anxiety, depression, and poor health. And after a year of living alone in another country, my symptoms were amplified. These symptoms were interrelated. I was out of solutions and after a stressful year, I finally had the courage to give acupuncture a chance. I will never be the same again. 


Shant's approach to health is holistic. I wouldn't even call him an acupuncturist. Instead, I would call him a nurturer. I came to his practice in tears feeling vulnerable from life's daily miseries. After his treatment, I had an awakening. Because of his care, I was able to point to the source of my symptoms, and with his continued help, he helped me address those issues. I've spent thousands of dollars on medical bills to remediate problems that were reoccurring. I wish I could have instead reallocated those funds to this treatment because, in my humble opinion, this is the most success I've had regarding my health (I would know because I've had access to some of the best physicians).  Health and happiness are dependent on your willingness and accountability. Acupuncture is not a pill. You must have the courage of your convictions, then you will find true health in your mind, heart, and soul. My treatment was a physical and emotional healing. I have not felt this healthy, strong, and happy in such a long time, and I am now refreshed and ready to go back to the UK and pursue my goals. 


Thank you so much, Shant! You are truly a blessing. X


- Lydia J.

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